Recruitment is all about attracting the best talent, screening and then selecting those that are most suitable to your company.

Staffs are always moving on or getting fired for one reason or the other. It’s so uncool for companies to be putting out notices or boards, stating that they are searching for staffs.

For some others, they just can’t be bothered with going through all that process and paperwork!

Whatever the case may be, we are very experienced in recruiting staff of unquestionable character and abilities.

You want us to go a mile? We’ll make it ten!

We handle recruitment, pre-screening, and/or screening. It all depends on what you want.

We also carry out verification exercises to ensure that their work history is as they say it is, verify where they reside, verify where their guarantors reside, and if absolutely necessary, their permanent addresses.

The need for this comes up in certain sectors, and isn’t applicable to all.

Oh…And the best part? In some cases, it is entirely FREE!