SoliBay (Evermore Group) is actively involved in proffering management solutions as well as offering consultancy services to several companies and individuals in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the country.
In the past, we have handled haulage/logistics for the sole contractor to Reynolds Construction Company (RCC). We have been consulting for telecommunications companies, such as Globacom, Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services, Airtel Nigeria, and MTN Nigeria for more than five years.
We have also been contacted by NatCom Development and Investment Limited (trading as Ntel) with regards to being one of their partners, in multiple capacities.


Perhaps, you have some logistics contract you have just won, or just someone local, and are looking for on-site representation for your project?
Is the project in Nigeria?
If it is, is it in Abuja, Port Harcourt, or Lagos?
Is it a management, telecommunications or logistics related contract?

We aren’t looking for reselling opportunities. (eg, garments, beverages)
We aren’t interested in individuals, looking for a way to get their products into Africa. (although, there might be exceptional cases)

We do not seek any upfront payments before commencement of the job, as long as we have an understanding, so you can be rest assured.

We could also look at other cases of international representation WITHIN AFRICA, as long as  it is within our scope, and we may also be able to help in searching for other professionals to handle execution of projects that fall outside our scope.

Firms from Russia, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, India and all over Africa have also been in touch to see how we can be of service to them. As long as we can find a balance, and what you seek is within our scope and ethics, we would never turn you away.

Already established small and medium firms/organisations aren’t left out either. We consult for servicing, entertainment, furniture, food production and cable TV companies. Schools and religious organizations too!
Our team of experts is always available to listen to your deepest concerns, tackle them, and nurture your ideas like a new born baby, seeing we are very flexible.

SoliBay assists individuals in setting up new businesses.
We carry out feasibility studies; connect prospective business owners to would-be partners, source for where they can get products at bargain prices, and also sorting out staffing and office outlet issues. We also walk with them along the way, and give our recommendations as the process goes along, till they are grounded.


Kindly use the Contact Us form to get in touch with us. Barring any abnormalities, we would revert within 24hours.