Housekeeping is generally a service offered by a service provider, where you do not have any maids, permanently residing in your home.
They come in at an agreed time, get the job done, and then they are gone.
For some people, this is the ideal condition. It all depends on personal preference, and other factors you might be considering presently.

Why You Should Use Our Service, Rather Than a Traditional Live-in Maid
Privacy: Your Privacy is respected and protected, seeing the cleaners aren’t around always.
Traceability: Addresses of our staffs and their guarantors are well documented (including pictures). Guarantors of our staff are made to sign on behalf of their wards, because, you never can tell what might happen.
Additional cost: With our service, you do not need to bother about additional costs, such as clothing, food and education for the maids. You simply get what you pay for, and nothing else. Daily and monthly upkeep is out of the equation.
Responsibility: With leave in maids, you are usually responsible for their whereabouts, no matter the time of the day, but with our services, once they are off your property, whatever they do is of no concern to you.
Stories that touch: We have heard many cases of husband’s infidelity with maids. With our service, that constant temptation that is continually in his face is removed from the equation. Yes, they might still go away, but then, nothing in life is 100% sure.

What Is Included In The Basic Service??
• Dusting all areas of the home
• Cleaning/Sanitizing all areas of the bathroom
• Cleaning all floors
• Wiping all fixtures & appliances
• Wiping all mirrors & pictures.

How We Work
Cleaning is done three times a week (Maximum of 3.30 hour shifts, and the days are usually Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays or Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays)
Tailored packages can be arranged to meet your specific needs. (Such as extended days and additional services)

Discounts exist, for 3, 6, & 9months paid in advance for our services. There are also discounts for additional/extended services requested.
Residential address of our cleaners and their guarantors are documented by us, just in case the need arises for it to be called up.

We would be more than glad to talk more about what suits you best. Feel free to contact us via whichever channel is more convenient for you.